Truck Delivery

A Express Truck Delivery is the right option for larger delivery needs. As always, it will get there quickly and securely.

A Express Truck Delivery is great for large or moderate sized delivery needs. Some examples include corporate event delivery, moving jobs, and transporting equipment or large quantities of fragile materials. Our services at A Express Truck Delivery cover a diverse set of deliveries. Just contact us to find out more.

Fast Truck Delivery Service

Here at A Express, we are equipped to handle your same-day, rush delivery needs with our efficient truck delivery service. All you have to do is give us a call at (212) 768-8445 with the specifications of your delivery inquiry, and we’ll let you know how quickly we can fulfill your order.

Standard Truck Delivery Service

You can enjoy fast delivery service regardless of whether or not you choose same-day, rush delivery. Our standard service is more affordable, and is the right solution for deliveries that are moderate in size with no time constraints. They will arrive within the time frame you specify without delay. To get started with our standard messenger delivery services, just fill out a dispatch form online with your needs.

Affordable Truck Delivery Service

We promise you fair rates based on the weight of your package and the distance from A to B. If you give us a call or fill out a form online, we will give you a quote for your moderate sized packages. Our A Express rates are lucrative in Manhattan, and it covers a lot. We’ll develop a custom solution for your business needs.

Safe Arrival with Our Messenger Services

Maybe you’re moving from an apartment on the Lower East Side to a townhouse in Chelsea. Maybe you’re planning a business event, where you need equipment and decorations. No matter how basic or unusual your delivery needs are, we promise to transport your packages safely. Here at A Express, we operate with focus and attentiveness. We will secure your boxes and deliveries from start to finish. Everything that gets delivered arrives looking the same as it did from the moment you dispatched it.