Freight Shipping

Even if your delivery needs are complex, A Express can help you out. Or A Express Freight Shipping are prepared to handle large deliveries.

At A Express, our skilled couriers are prepared to fulfill your large delivery needs. Complex deliveries need more complex solutions; large amounts of fragile equipment or simply a larger amount of boxes might require freight shipping. Contact us to find out more.

Fast Freight Delivery Service

Even though they handle more boxes, our freight delivery services are still fast. At A Express, we will execute your same-day, rush delivery needs. If you want to get started, call (212) 768-8445 with the specs for your 24-hour delivery.

Standard Freight Delivery Service

Even without same day, rush-delivery service, we will still deliver your boxes quickly. If you want a more affordable service, our standard services are the perfect choice for you. Your low-urgency delivery needs will arrive on time, within your given time frame. For our standard services, fill out a dispatch form online and we’ll email you back with a quote and confirmation.

Affordable Freight Delivery Service

Our freight delivery services here at A Express are some of the best in the tri-state area. After you contact us, we will give you a quote based on the package weight and delivery distance. Your complex delivery needs can still be affordable.

Safe Arrival with Our Freight Services

Are you planning a large-scale corporate event in the Financial District, and your offices are on the other side of town? Are you moving into a larger space across the bridge, and you’re all the way on the far West Side? We operate with an ethos of the utmost attention. Here at A Express, we care for all of your goods like they’re fragile glass. Everything you dispatch will arrive unscathed.