What is White Glove Delivery?

Everyday consumers expect a high degree of convenience. Consumers do not like to waste time walking in the mall and carrying items from the store to their home. In the city, you don’t want to be that guy on the train with a vintage chair that you’re moving from your LES apartment to Brooklyn.

You can avoid this by choosing white glove delivery. This is a kind of courier service that helps you transport objects requiring special attention, professional packaging, and delivery inside your residence or any other destination. Here’s our guide at A-Express Delivery to white glove service.

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Defining White Glove Delivery

White glove delivery is the ultimate delivery solution for people living in Manhattan. It not only delivers the product to your doorstep, but also helps to place it at the right spot on your premises. We will also remove any packaging materials to make things easier for you. 

Home deliveries will be ready to use, and event deliveries will help you focus on other key operations. White glove delivery service also covers assembly, freeing the consumer from worrying about transportation, assembling, or getting rid of the packaging material.

This makes event planning and home deliveries even more convenient for you. The next question is, what are the cost differences between a white glove delivery service and a standard one?

Cost Factors for White Glove Delivery

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Unlike the cost of ordinary delivery, the cost of white glove delivery depends on a lot of factors. These factors include:

Location of the consumer:

The final destination (or the location of your recipient) is a significant factor for calculating the cost of white glove delivery. It depends on whether the consumer lives in a rural area, metropolitan city, or a large urban area.

The cost of the distribution near metropolitan areas like Manhattan tends to be cheaper. However, the cost of white glove delivery increases if the recipient resides in a rural location.

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Premises Specifications:

Since we are talking about placing the product right at the spot where the recipient wants, the specification of the premises matters a lot. If the delivery involves climbing multiple flights of stairs, the cost of the delivery usually increases.

On the other hand, if the spot selected is easy to reach through the driveway, then the delivery cost will be on the lower side.

Overall, when it comes to white glove delivery, the customer location determines the value. If reaching that spot is a bit difficult, then the price will increase.

Fortunately, A-Express Delivery provides a price-competitive option when it comes to white glove delivery!

Product type:

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White glove delivery is often suitable for products that are bulky, new, or vintage. These products often require more labor and caution during the transport process. Depending on the size of the product and weight, the cost of white glove delivery can increase.

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With these three factors in mind, you can determine whether the white glove delivery service will be suitable for your needs.

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How Do I Prepare for White Glove Delivery?

There are a few things that the consumer needs to accomplish before the white glove delivery can happen properly. 

It will ensure that everything goes smoothly, and the delivery is often less than 30 minutes. These preparations include:

1. Removing any obstacles:

The consumer would, of course, be aware of the product that they are ordering and its approximate size. With that in mind, the consumer will need to remove any obstacles in the path. 

It’s vital to clear out any barriers such as furniture, rugs, tables, and much more. Depending on the object’s size, they might have to remove the door to facilitate a smooth delivery outcome. 

2. Empty area:

The area with the item needs to be clean. It will ensure that when the delivery person arrives at the premises, there aren’t any barriers or trash in the way.

3. Floor protection:

If the consumer plans on keeping something underneath the appliance or object, it will need to be placed ahead of time. This can include something like a rug, non-slip pads, or mat.

4. Attendance:

Yes, the consumer needs to be present at the spot and time of the delivery. If it is not possible, then there should be at least a representative that is 18 years or older. It will ensure that he/she can supervise the entire delivery. 

Overall, there are a few preparations that the consumer will need to initiate, and if done successfully, they can expect the proper results and convenience.

Now that you are aware of what white glove delivery entails, we’ll explain the applications of such a delivery service.

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When Should You Choose White Glove Delivery?

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The white glove delivery service can come in handy for delivering a lot of different items like:

• Appliances

• Furniture

• Large gifts

• Above ground swimming pool

• Office fixtures

• And much more

Anything bulky or odd-shaped is a great choice for white glove delivery. 

If you hope to receive or deliver any of these types of products, it is time to check out white glove delivery services at A-Express Delivery. It can accelerate the process of installation and make life easier for you.

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When you make the delivery and the assembling aspect easier, you save yourself time and money. Instead of delivering at your doorstep, now you can receive it inside your residence. 

With that in mind, Let A-Express Delivery is a courier service based in Manhattan with white glove capabilities. We’ve helped set up company events and delivered products to residences. We’ll do the same for you, helping your products get to their destination safely and on time.

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