How to Save Time as a New Yorker

New York City is the centre of the universe. People from all over the world make their way to the ‘Big Apple’ to make it big. NYC is the hub of culture, business, entertainment and so much more. 

While city life entices many, it can also get frustrating at times. Living in NYC is not everyone’s cup of tea – primarily because of how expensive it can get at times. 

Most people work well over 40 hours a week just to afford to live there and find little to no time to actually enjoy NYC or even make the most of everything that it has to offer.

In order to do so, one must be smart about how they’re spending their time in NYC. In a big city like New York, time is money. 

How you spend (and save) your time, will make a lot of difference in how you experience NYC. Here are some time-saving tips for New Yorkers.

1. Use a courier service for delivery 

One of the key aspects of living in a city is figuring out how to carry out small tasks. Right from delivering letters, gifts to figuring out how to move small furniture to your new apartment. Each of these tasks can be incredibly time consuming. 

Not only does one have to do it themselves, but they also have to take some time off, either from work or on the weekends.

If saving time is a priority, then it’s best to opt for a courier delivery service. Such services deliver a wide range of products from Point A to Point B. 

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2. Order In

a man orders uber eats online

Food is one of the biggest expenses when one decides to live in a city. For most people, cooking is a luxury in itself. After a long day at work, making an entire meal from scratch is a task that is not only time consuming but also takes a lot of effort. 

For those who want to save some time and not compromise on the eating aspect, there are a plethora of options readily available. Many restaurants offer take-out, which can be picked up on the way back home. 

There are also meal delivery services that send cooked meals 3 times a day. One can simply order food in from their favorite restaurants instead of going out and deal with waiting and travel efforts.

3. Take the subway

Going from home to work or for any activity within the city is a challenge in itself. Traffic is almost always a pain point, it also costs a lot to take a cab from one place to another. 

The NYC Subway is nothing less than a boon for New Yorkers. Not only does it connect all the five boroughs seamlessly, but it is also cheap. 

For roughly $2, one can travel the length and breadth of New York City. Yes, one does have to switch lines, but it is often more convenient than being stuck in NYC traffic for over 45 mins. The NYC Subway helps save time and money, thus proving to be a highly efficient public transportation system.

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4. Buy groceries for the week


Food is a necessity, but what matters is how one carries out their grocery shopping while living in NYC. Thankfully, New York has many Bodegas and wholesale stores from where one can pick up their groceries and other essentials. Instead of making a trip to the local store every other day, consider shopping just once a week.

Restocking groceries every week is efficient, saves time and is much less frustrating than making emergency runs every other day. It is recommended to keep a list handy every week and restock as and when needed.

5. Live close to work

Let’s face it, no one likes to wake up in the morning and make a 40+ minute commute to work or in worse scenarios, the number can go to over an hour. Work is arguably an essential part of a New Yorker’s life and so is the commute that comes with it. 

If the situation permits, one should live as close to their workplace as possible. It’s a proven fact that longer commute time equals less job satisfaction. Plus, spending over an hour traveling to and from work leaves little to no time to indulge in hobbies or even relaxation.

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6. Always Set An Alarm

Everyone has a body clock, while some work in a more efficient way, most people need an alarm to wake them up every morning. 

Regardless of how confident one is in their ability to wake up on time, it’s best to set an alarm. Not just that, if possible, try aiming at waking up an hour or 30 minutes earlier than the usual time. 

Why? Those extra minutes/hour will give the rejuvenation and buffer time to avoid rush hours in New York.

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7. Hire Help

There are some tasks that are absolutely necessary. For busy individuals, small but important tasks like cleaning their homes, walking their dogs, etc are difficult to fit into their schedule and can compromise with other aspects of their life. To save time, it is best to hire help as and when needed.  

One can easily hire dog walkers, house help, meal preppers, etc that not only improve one’s standard of living but also make such small tasks more efficient.

8. Use The Right Technology

An anonymous cell phone user looks at their apps

With today’s technological advancements and startup ecosystem, there is simply no excuse to waste time doing menial things. Right from food delivery to navigation, there are many apps that help save time. 

For NYC subway users, they can keep up with subway timings, maintenance schedules and so much more through the official app. 

By using the right technology, one can make the most of their time in New York and spend time on things that really matter in the long run.

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