How to Choose and Deliver a Last-Minute Gift

Birthdays and holidays can be both exciting and stressful. This is especially true when you take a glance at the calendar and realize that you only have two days to send a present to a loved one.

The holiday season can be hectic, and sometimes the perfect gift just slips your mind. If you still want to show your loved ones how much you care, the best thing to do is find a gift locally and use A-Express Delivery to help you send it on time.

Fortunately, A-Express can beat the odds and deliver that special gift for your loved ones without breaking the bank.

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Picking the Gift

Shopping for a gift online can be unreliable, since you won’t actually get to see the gift and you won’t know for sure when shipping will be fulfilled. During the holiday season, it’s more likely that e-commerce sites will be backlogged. Even the most reliable sites might take longer to fulfill your order. Instead, find a gift that means something to you.

Go Local

Finding a gift at a store or boutique nearby is great for logistical and personal reasons. First of all, picking a gift locally allows you to take a closer look at whatever it is you’re purchasing. If it’s hand blown glass from a specialty store, you can make sure it isn’t chipped, or if it’s homemade cookies from your favorite bakery, you can choose the freshest ones.

That brings us to the next benefit of shopping locally. It’s easier to add a personal touch if you buy at one of your favorite stores, or even at a store that you and your friend or loved one have visited together. If you have a friend in New Jersey who you always take to your favorite coffee shop, you can put together a gift of coffee beans and merchandise. If you have a friend who lives further downtown who loves a garment store uptown, you can select clothing for a gift they will love.

Plus, it’s always great to support your local businesses! Shopping nearby can boost your local economy and contribute to sustainability.

Think about size

Usually, a medium-size or small gift is much easier and cheaper to deliver. There is a lower percentage of getting lost or having a shipping error. But if you use A-Express, our services are scalable. That means you can ship larger gifts with peace-of-mind if you so desire.

It might be safer to choose a gift that does not break easily. But if you can’t stop looking at those elegant champagne glasses or fragile earrings, all you have to do is let A Express know so we’re sure to be extra careful.

Either way, just focus on finding a meaningful gift so you can surprise your loved ones.

How A-Express Can Make Your Life Easier

After choosing your gift, the next step is to deliver it. Using a locally-based service like A-express instead of shipping an item through e-commerce gives you more control over each stage of the shipping process. It’s also safer than delivering fragile gifts to friends on your own. Thanks to our express delivery service, you can deliver your gifts whenever and wherever you want. You get to hand off your gift to our couriers directly, so you know they’re in good hands.

Difficult Locations

We provide high-quality coverage in the entire Tri-state area. Using our van and truck services for deliveries in nearby states is more efficient than e-commerce shipping, and it’s the easiest way to transport items within the Manhattan area. All you have to do is let us know the location that you want to send the gift, and we will have our couriers do whatever it takes to get your parcel there.

Logistics Made Easy

Our comprehensive customer support service will give you the red carpet treatment. We provide practical solutions for your deliveries, including well-organized invoices and package tracking. With our skills and expertise, you will get your package to your desired location without the hassle and headaches.

Express delivery

We know that you have a busy life, and sometimes you procrastinate on delivering a gift just because deciding what to get a loved one is hard. Fortunately, you don’t have to panic. We can rush-deliver packages in 24 hours to your destination.

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Standard Delivery Versus Express Delivery

When it comes to delivering a package, people sometimes don’t know if they should choose standard delivery or an express delivery system.

Standard Shipping

Standard shipping is for those who don’t require anything urgent to be delivered to a destination. The package is often picked up from the warehouse on working days and will be shipped using the most affordable and economical method. This is usually by a truck, depending on the location. The company will provide you with an estimated time, like 3 to 7 days, and you will be able to track your delivery. The good part about the classic delivery method is that it’s more affordable, but the problem is that it could take longer to arrive.

Express Delivery

Express delivery is the fastest form of shipping where couriers pick up packages as quickly as possible. The delivery time is usually between 24 to 72 hours, and you can track your package through a shipping code. The benefit of the service is that it provides a fast and accurate shipping method. It’s often a little more expensive, but the price is worth it. A-Express can execute rush deliveries in as few as 24 hours. All you have to do is call in and let us know the specifications of your delivery.

What you Should Know About Express Delivery

If you order before 12 PM, Monday to Thursday, you are more likely to receive your order the next day without expedited service. Any order that is placed after 12 PM will be delivered in two days. Keep in mind that express delivery requires a signature. That means someone will have to be home to receive the order. If no one is home, the courier will try again and notify the recipient by phone, SMS, or email. If push comes to shove, the package will be delivered to the nearest post office, and the recipient can go and pick it up. It is also important to check the estimated delivery time before making a payment. You want to make sure that your gift will get to your destination on time before you approve the delivery and make the final payment.

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Take home message

When it comes to the holidays or birthdays, you want to get your friends or family the perfect gift. The perfect gift also entails getting it to them at the perfect time. This could be difficult if your loved one lives far away. Fortunately, A-Express can get your package to your family within 24 to 72 hours. 

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