Different Types of Delivery Businesses in Manhattan

Delivery services are very convenient for the customer. All they have to do is pay for the items that they order and wait to receive their packages.

These services are ideal for those who wish to use their time efficiently or simply feel like spending the day at home. With the fast pace of the city, a lot of people do not wish to move from the comfort of their apartment after a long day out. Fortunately, these delivery services ensure that the items get to their homes on time.

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With that in mind, here are some unique services that are available: 


It is not cost-effective for restaurants and stores to have a delivery service.

Fortunately, Postmates has a web and mobile app that offers delivery service from stores and restaurants to deliver food and other items.

It is ideal for those who can’t leave their current location, but want to eat food from their favorite restaurant or require some products from a local store.

Postmates provide their customers with 24/7 support for seven days a week. It allows the customers to order anything they wish, such as pizza, tacos, noodles, pastries, and much more. All of these items can get to the customer in less than one hour. 

The couriers who are making the deliveries are called Postmates, and they travel using a bike, car, scooter, or truck.

The delivery fee charged for this service is $5 and varies depending on the distance which the couriers have to travel. 

Blue Apron

Fresh radish

Blue Apron will deliver fresh ingredients to the customer’s home so that they can cook healthy and delicious meals every week. 

This fantastic service has a weekly plan of $59.94 for two people and $69.92 for the entire family. Some of the meal options available are spicy cauliflower, crispy salmon, and pork tacos. 

The weekly menu on the website contains a detailed list of the ingredients for each dish, how to prepare the food, and videos on how to cook the meal. 

Blue Apron allows their customers to skip a meal for a week, or cancel any item after giving a one week notice. The significant part about this service is that home delivery of meals is always free of charge.

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A row of hard liquor sits tightly at a bar

The Drizly service is convenient for those hosting a dinner party, and suddenly realize that they do not have enough wine.

The Drizly app can be accessed online, on iPhones, and Android devices. It allows the customers to order drinks for delivery, such as beer, liquor, wine, garnishes, and mixers. The users can also order related items like bottle openers, plastic cups, and ice conveniently from the comfort of their homes.

The customer will only have to order the items required, pay for them using the website or app, and the driver will deliver the items within an hour.

Customers can use the service to send alcoholic beverages as a gift. It is also possible to schedule the delivery of the items ordered up to 48 hours beforehand.

Customers in New York do not have to pay an additional fee for delivery. However, in other cities, they are charged a $5 delivery fee.


Instacart home page

Not everyone has time to go grocery shopping, but that’s okay. Instacart can deliver groceries to your home. 

The customers can shop online using the mobile app or website to order from a wide range of stores that can vary from small shops to large retailers like Costco and Whole Foods. Instacart will then arrange a personal shopper to collect the items and deliver them to the door within an hour. 

The service is available from 9 a.m to midnight daily, though the timings may change depending on the working hours of the store.

They even give customers tote bags from the grocery store. The customers can keep these bags or return them to the next personal shopper so that they can reuse them. 

Anyone who wishes to try the service should know that the first delivery is free after the registration process. Users can register for the annual membership of the service, Instacart Express, or purchase the Instacard gift cards for others. 

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Stitch Fix

An eCommerce retail site like stitch fix

Crowded malls and walking for hours can be annoying, but a reliable online shopping service is a dream come true.

Stitch fix is a service created for people who are madly in love with fashionable clothes but despise the crowded mall. 

After registering for the service, the user has to create a profile specifying his or her style, shape, size, lifestyle, and budget for the clothes. After that, the user can choose a suitable delivery date. The Stylist at Stitch Fix will choose fashionable clothing and other items for a styling fee of $20.

After the items are delivered, the user is allowed three days to try the clothes, keep the clothes they like, and send back the ones that they don’t like. The best part is that users will only pay for the clothes they keep.

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 A woman folds clean laundry

Some people do not have a washing machine in their home, but there is a way around that. 

Washio is a laundry and dry cleaning service for the busy individual. They pick up the dirty laundry and deliver the cleaned clothes to the customer’s house within twenty-four hours. 

The service can be accessed on the website or using the Android or iPhone app. Customers can choose to have their laundry picked up at any time during the day, ranging from early in the morning to late in the evening. 

The company may take a little longer to deliver clean clothes on the weekends, but rest assured, your laundry will get done. The service is very straightforward; they provide bags with instructions for separating the clothes into whites, colors, and delicates. 

As a bonus, the Washio ninja will get the customer a cookie every time he or she picks up the clothes for laundry.

A-Express Delivery

Thanks to A-Express Delivery, getting virtually any object or product from one location to another in the tri-state area is easier than ever. We provide freight, messenger, truck, and van delivery, including same-day services. This solution makes life easier for businesses as well as people living in the city.

Our freight solutions can help local businesses deliver on time, and we also transport goods to nearby airports. With courier services, you can avoid the inconvenience of snail mail and transporting small or large packages yourself. Either way, A-Express Delivery enables you to take care of object transportation needs in an efficient and timely fashion.

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In Conclusion

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Invest in a service that can make delivering easier. There are only 24 hours in a day, but with these delivery services, you can get the products and services that you desire without leaving the comfort of your home. 

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