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Why Use Couriers for Corporate Delivery Services?

A courier service is a different type of delivery service that businesses frequently use when the regular postal service just won’t cut it. There are many different types of couriers, often with different features, timeframes, and costs. 

A Express Delivery understands the importance of time and efficiency and we’ll always be fast, high-quality, and affordable. That’s what makes us the right source for all your courier service questions. Keep reading for an overview of courier services in general, and when you should consider using one!

What Is A Courier Service? 

A courier service is a dedicated team of delivery people who focus on delivering important documents and small packages. They are frequently on a bike or a small truck, making them highly mobile. 

Courier services are primarily designed for same or next-day delivery, though options for delivery within a shorter amount of time also do exist. Businesses use them to move contracts, important packages, and other small items around when digital communications just won’t do. 

Benefits Of Using Courier Services 

The personalized and direct method of mail delivery offered by courier services means that they hold a few benefits over larger delivery chains or the US Postal Service.

Faster Delivery

As already mentioned, the primary reason to use a courier service is because of its speed. Packages can be delivered in just a few hours, ensuring that you get an important legal document to where it needs to be on the same day. 

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Cost Efficiency 

Couriers are also much more cost-efficient than using a large delivery chain since you don’t have to wait before your package is sent out. As soon as you pay, your package is on its way, instead of sitting in a post office or mailbox for hours before being picked up and shipped.

More Control Over Packages 

Another key benefit of choosing a courier service is that there is less risk of your package getting damaged. Any delivery with a courier service will be managed by hand, instead of being left in the back of a big truck where it can be jostled and crushed by other deliveries. This means that you can rest assured that your delivery will get where it needs to go in one piece. 


A courier service can also provide a level of personal service that just isn’t available with larger delivery services. Your courier can relay a message to a key contact and report back to you if anything goes wrong. You’re also able to contact them directly, or vice versa, if anything changes and you need to recall or reschedule the delivery. 

Schedule Flexibility 

A courier service provides more flexibility in your schedule than a chain delivery service would. Due to their faster delivery speed, you can spend more time working on finalizing the documents that need to be delivered instead of trying to get everything done ahead of a deadline for next- or same-day delivery. It also makes it easier to manage hiccups or emergencies in your schedule, as you can still send a courier out to get things to where they need to be on time even during a hectic day. 

Local Knowledge 

In a related vein, a courier service won’t get lost while trying to deliver your package or mail. They know the local routes and local events, which ensures that your delivery will never be late. 

When Not To Use A Courier Service 

Even though courier services provide several major benefits over larger delivery chains, there are still some times you should avoid using them because they won’t be very effective. 

Very Large Packages 

Couriers need to be nimble, which means that they don’t have a whole lot of space to use. Bike couriers will often have a size or weight limit of what they can take around the city on the same day. Very large items, like furniture, or heavy items, like computers, may not be ideal for courier service. 

Very Long Distances 

Another thing to keep in mind is that couriers focus on same- or next-day deliveries, usually in a metropolitan area. Choosing a courier service to ship something across the state, or even out of the city that you operate in, can become quite expensive.

It also may not even be faster than using a larger delivery chain, since the courier service will need to schedule a delivery out of their usual area of operation. While it may be worth choosing a courier in some cases, for extremely sensitive documents where a personalized touch is necessary, this is more of an exception than a rule

Where Can I Find A Courier In New York City? 

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New York City is full of courier services looking to fulfill your business needs, but choosing one is the hard part. A simple online search will turn up dozens, but which ones can you trust? You want to find a service that is affordable, dependable, and convenient, with several different service offerings. 

A-Express knows New York City. We offer a range of different delivery options for the five boroughs. We have bike messengers that can deliver documents and small packages to larger freight deliveries within the Tri-State area. You can schedule a pickup through our handy online form, and have someone at your office in no time at all. 

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Set Up Your Deliveries Today

A-Express understands how important it is to ensure that your delivery gets to its destination on schedule and as affordably as possible.

For any courier service needs in New York City, feel free to contact us today! Our team of highly experienced and professional delivery specialists can meet your needs at a moment’s notice. 

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