Best Ways to Ship Perishable Food

For corporate events and gift baskets, you might need to deliver perishable food that needs to be refrigerated, such as steak or produce. Since heat or warmth can stimulate bacterial growth, it can be challenging to transport these items. 

Fortunately, there are delivery services that can help you deliver frozen food and keep them fresh throughout their journey. One such company is A-Express Delivery. Here’s everything you need to know about shipping perishable food in the tri-state area.

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How to Ship Frozen Food: Using The Proper Packaging System

There are various packaging systems that you can use to ship perishable food. Here are some ideas to consider:

Use an Insulated Liner

The insulated liner is equivalent to an emergency blanket, but it’s more similar to a bubble wrap. The benefit of using an insulated liner is that you can tightly wrap the food and fill the extra space in the box with other packaging items or bubble wrap.

Styrofoam Sheet

The styrofoam sheet comes in a standard size and can be customized to fit any box. This solution is more affordable than a whole box, but less effective at keeping the food cold.

Styrofoam box

The styrofoam box often comes in standard size with an exterior cardboard box, and it has a variety of thicknesses. The thicker the wall, the less ice pack or dry ice that you will need. However, thicker boxes will cost more.

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Insulated pads

The insulated pads are the combination of insulation from Styrofoam with insulated liner. Since both of them are recyclable materials, they tend to be more sustainable than any other solutions.  

All you have to do is grab a cardboard box and place insulated liners, styrofoam, and any insulated pads to prevent the heat from getting in, and to preserve the low temperature of the food.

Air Filled Insulation Liners

This solution will require a hand pump or air tank depending on the volume. For example, if you are delivering a small volume package, then the hand pump would be adequate. 

If you are shipping a larger volume package, then an air tank is highly advisable. Both of them utilize the thermal property of the air to keep the food cold. In addition to that, this option tends to be more affordable.

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Dry Ice Versus Ice Pack For Shipping Frozen Food

When it comes to dry ice versus ice pack, the rule of thumb is to use an ice pack when delivering refrigerated food and dry ice for keeping frozen items.

Dry Ice

The significant part about dry ice is that it can keep your food items frozen during the entire journey. A-Express Delivery usually doesn’t have strict restrictions and can deliver perishable food at an affordable price. When shipping in the tri-state area, it doesn’t matter how much you use; you will just have to label the box to show that you are using dry ice. Just make sure not to use more than you need.

How Much Dry Ice Will I Need?

This question depends on the product weight and how long you will need the items to be frozen. You may also consider the temperature of perishable food.  Not only that, the geographic destination and season should also be taken into consideration. For instance, you won’t need as much ice in New York over the winter.

Here are some examples to look at: If you have a 2-pound frozen food that will reach its destination in four hours, then 2 pounds of dry ice is adequate. 

However, if 2 pounds require 24 hours to deliver to its location, then you will need 5 pounds of dry ice. 

Another example is 20 pounds of frozen food that will take 20 hours to deliver. This weight and time will require approximately 8 hours of dry ice to keep the food safe.

Ice Pack

An ice pack is useful if you are delivering refrigerated items. Make sure to check out the size and number of products that you need to insulate in the container. 

There are various kinds of ice packs and insulation methods to choose from, but if you want to save money, then consider one-time usage of the ice pack.

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Who Should Be Shipping Perishable Food?

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Fortunately, A-Express Delivery has a more affordable option when it comes to delivering perishable food. They can get a product sent to the proper destination within one day without high additional costs.

Shipping Speed of Perishable Food

Usually, two-day shipping tends to be more affordable than one-day shipping. This can save customers a lot of money to get a product from one location to another. 

However, shipping speed does depend on the shelf life of the food and whether you need to keep the item frozen or refrigerated. 

Fortunately, A-Express delivery can get the food to the proper location through same-day delivery, 1 to 2 day delivery, or whatever other option you prefer. The courier service offers rush delivery services that prevent your food from spoiling.

What Are The Costs of Shipping Frozen Food?

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The big chunk of the cost is the size. We take into consideration box dimensions and weight, plus the type of insulating materials, ice, and other added packaging that you choose to use. Fortunately, A-Express delivery has no hidden costs, will provide a logistic and affordable solution to deliver perishable food to a destination in a short amount of time.

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What Are Some Tips For Delivering Frozen Food?

There are some essential tips to consider when shipping refrigerated items:

  • If you are using styrofoam, it is vital to get some with the thickest walls possible. The thicker the wall means that there will be more insulation, so the food will stay cold for a longer period of time. Usually, the wall should be more than 1.5 inches thick. 
  • When placing perishable food in the box, make sure that it is already cold or else the condensation will start to form inside. 
  • You want to make sure that the item is wrapped tightly in the liner bag before putting it in the box.
  • If you are sending jarred food or homemade canned food, it is best to check with the National Center for Home Food Preservation. This website can provide information about the types of food that are unsafe for canning, and other kinds of food preservation in order to warn delivery services. 
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The issue is that homemade canned food spoils quickly, so it produces botulism toxin that can be detrimental 

  • Avoid sending foods such as vegetables in oil, homemade chocolate, cake, bread, and pumpkin butter unless you will get it delivered the same day. It is best to use only the lids and jars for canning and recipes from reliable sources. 
  • The FDA recommends that you ship perishable food using overnight delivery, and to avoid sending the item at the end of the week. This strategy helps prevent the food from sitting in the facility over the weekend. Make sure to send the food item in the early week, such as Monday or Tuesday. 
  • In addition to organizing a delivery date, communicate with the recipient about when and where they should pick up the package. That way, they can receive the food item as soon as possible, therefore reducing the chance of spoiling or rotting.
  • Finally, and most importantly, deliver food by using a courier service. We’ll take care of packaging for you, and you won’t have to worry about deciding what to use and where to buy it from. We’ll also notify you when the delivery is received so that you can rest easy knowing your recipient will receive the food when it’s fresh.

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Final Note

As we have discussed, there are a few things to consider when delivering perishable food and frozen products to maintain product quality.  Whether you’re preparing gift bags for a corporate event or sending a thank you produce basket to a friend, a delivery service like A-Express Delivery will take care of complicated logistics and get your food to its destination on time.

We’ll develop a custom solution with proper insulation material, packaging methods, boxes, ice packs, dry ice, or whatever you need. We’ll get the item to its destination without it spoiling. 

It is essential to pick the best courier delivery system that can provide you with an affordable cost and reliable service to get your product to where it is supposed to be without spoiling it. Fortunately, A-Express delivery has many years of experience and expertise in delivering these types of products, and have gained positive reviews from our customers. 

With all this in mind, you can rest assured that your package is in the right hands with A-Express Delivery.

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