10 Reasons You Might Need Same Day Delivery

If you have an urgent package that must be delivered immediately, then it’s vital to have same-day delivery. This is especially true if you are on a time crunch and need to deliver something to a family member or friend. 

The issue with standard delivery is how long it might take before your package reached the proper destination. Plus, standard delivery has a higher chance of losing your package. Fortunately, A-Express can provide same-day delivery at an affordable price. 

Even if you don’t require a package to reach the destination immediately, it’s still advisable to use same-day delivery. This is highly recommended for businesses who have new clients.  Express delivery shows that you care and value your customer’s time. This can lead to better ratings and customer service.

If you are still curious as to why you should use express delivery, here are ten reasons that you might need same-day delivery:

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Pick up and deliver shipments on the same day

When you use the standard delivery system, they usually wait about three business days before they come, pick up, and shipped your package. Then you add another 3 to 5 business days before the package reaches the proper destination. This can take forever, and as time goes by, the customer might lose their desire for the product. That is why you want a service that picks up and delivers a shipment on the same day.

When you need to deliver something ASAP, then it’s essential to utilize the same day delivery option. They can have bicyclists navigate the streets, airplanes for international flights, and small vehicles to ensure that your delivery arrives on time.

With A-Express, you plan exactly when you want your package delivered and picked up. If you are delivering to a customer, you want to get it to them when it fits their schedule, so it gives you more credibility, and so your clients or customers would come back for more of your products or services. The fact that you can ensure that the package arrives on time gives you control over the delivery process.

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Affordable Prices

It can often be more cost-effective to use same-day delivery. You cut the costs of using an in-house delivery team, plus same-day delivery provides a great value for what you spend. Same-day delivery is often only marginally more expensive than standard delivery. Since it takes a shorter amount of time to arrive at its destination, that usually makes this the logical choice.


Same-day delivery provides more opportunities for communication with the parcel company. For example, if you need to make a last-minute change, you can give them a call to make it happen. They’ll already be paying special attention to your delivery since it must happen within the span of 24 hours. Sometimes, A-Express allows you to reroute your package if the customer is not available to sign the paper.

Outside of business days

Same day delivery can send your package after 5 o’clock or on weekends. Plus, if you’re making a last-minute delivery to a business client that’s open during odd hours, we can make sure to get it to them in time before they close.

Great for business

The ability of the company to thrive is based on customer satisfaction.  When you use same-day delivery and get the product to its destination on time or earlier, you can increase positive ratings and comments. With the five star ratings, you can attract new customers to your business. This is why companies need to utilize same-day shipping.

By delivering packages safely and on time, you can greatly improve customer loyalty. Customers will want to stay with your brand because they will associate you with quality service.

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Less likely to lose the product

The problem with standard shipping is that you’re more likely to lose the product. That’s because the longer it takes for a package to get delivered, the higher the probability that it could get lost. Plus, standard delivery does not communicate or track your product as efficiently as express services. Using the express services can get your package delivered immediately, so it’s less likely to get lost. Plus, there is a more stringent protocol to ensure that your package arrives ASAP.

Show how much you care

If your friends or family have a birthday or the holiday season is approaching, the same-day delivery system can make your present seem more meaningful. Just imagine being able to send a present right on or before the special day. Combining that with a meaningful gift can show your loved one how much you care.

The package is less likely to be stolen

The best part about same-day delivery is that your package is less likely to be stolen. This is mainly because the recipient will have to be present to sign the paper to obtain the box. If no one is available to sign it, the courier service might try again the next day or in a couple of hours. This is different from the standard delivery service, when the delivery service leaves the box on the front door. This might be problematic because people can go and steal the packages. 

Fortunately, with the express delivery system, your package will fall into the right hands.

Less stress

The faster you get your packages delivered, the less time you have to waste worrying about it. Instead of delaying package delivery and risking forgetting about it, then being unprepared if something unexpected happens, be prepared by choosing delivery for the next day. This way, you can focus most of your extra energy for completing this task and worry about other business operations immediately after.


If you need to deliver an important contract, consignment, or anything else with confidential information, same-day delivery is the right choice for you. Faster service minimizes the amount of time your product takes to exchange hands, minimizing the chance of it getting lost and thus minimizing the chance of it falling into the wrong hands. Our same-day delivery services can help you close deals quickly or communicate proprietary information with speed and security.


Same-day delivery provides an excellent opportunity to get your package and product to the right person and at the right time. If you have procrastinated and need to deliver something ASAP, same-day delivery can do that for you. 

With our fast and secure service, your business will garnish positive comments and reviews from customers. After all, getting a package to your customers on time or before the estimated date of arrival can show that you operate your business efficiently and value your clients. 

If you are ready to reap the benefit from same-day delivery, then call A-Express to find the right service option for your needs. 

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