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Fast NYC Delivery Services

Our A-Express 30 Years Pickup Promise

We promise that A-Express will make every pickup / delivery simple and less expensive. Our clients’ time has been our top priority for 30 years, and it will stay that way. In the coming months, expect to see our expansion of services by creating a better, FASTER user experience that is truly

Our Delivery Services

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Freight Shipping

A-Express provides same day freight and logistic solutions. We are strategically located to many area airports. 

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Messenger Delivery

Dispatch a messenger for rush, same-day deliveries throughout the tri-state area.

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Truck Delivery

Use our truck delivery services for corporate event delivery, moving jobs, and transporting equipment or large quantities of fragile materials.


Van Delivery

If you need to deliver a large package or several boxes of moderate size, our A Express Van Delivery option is the right choice for you.

If you’re living in Manhattan or own a business in NYC, there is no time to get stuck in traffic to deliver your own package, and taking the subway risks damaging fragile goods. Meanwhile, generic delivery companies may not be tailored to completing deliveries in the city. At A-Express, we understand the importance of time and efficiency, and we have the experience of a long track record keeping Manhattanites satisfied.

We offer premier delivery services with affordable options. Our NYC courier service is equipped for rush deliveries, corporate delivery for large-scale events, and more. A-Express has built a reputation of:

Long-time customers

With quality service and reliability, our customers are here to stay. Trust in our steadfast clientele and returning businesses to know that we’ll always be fast, high-quality, and affordable.

Motor delivery throughout Manhattan 

While we specialize in motor delivery, we also offer freight and messenger delivery depending on what you need. Our motor vehicle fleet can handle boxes, moving jobs, medical samples, and more. Whether your delivery items are heavy, oddly shaped, or fragile, our services will not disappoint.

Same-day delivery 

We guarantee expedient service. Whether it’s a last-minute gift or time-sensitive business package, it will arrive on time.


Nothing is too big or too small. Whether you need to deliver 150 boxes from the Upper West Side to Queens, or an envelope from the Lower East Side to Chelsea, our courier services can handle anything.

Why Us?

At A Express Delivery, we deliver results. We promise to provide expert service that’s quick, affordable, and handled with care. Our clients at A Express love us, and that’s because we get our clients’ packages from Point A to Point B as smoothly as possible. Courier services reign supreme because they allow small packages and envelopes to be delivered more quickly. They’re affordable and easy to use, plus hand-delivery services keep your packages extra protected.

But even if messenger courier service isn’t right for you, one perk that sets us apart from our peers is scalability. In addition to messenger service, we offer freight, truck, and van delivery services. With four different options, our versatile services are equipped to get the job done no matter how large or small your request. Our services are customizable and adaptable. We can even deliver outside of peak hours if your package needs to be sent quickly. Check out our services and pricing to find out which is right for you.

Plus, we know the city. Did you know that there are only three cities with worse traffic than New York City in the United States? And that in New York City, over 1.5 million deliveries are made daily? Focusing our services in Manhattan and the tri-state area, our couriers and deliverers know the best routes to take to get your packages to their destination in good time. Not only are our van and truck deliverers expert drivers, but they’re expert NYC drivers. That means they know how to navigate the fast pace of Manhattan while still keeping your packages safe. New Yorkers trust us, and that’s why we’ve kept long term business clients and individuals over our 30 years of operation.

How It Works

All you have to do is visit our dispatch page and fill out your information with your name, address, and if applicable, your business details. You can decide between standard delivery, rush, or super-rush for your envelope, box, or oversize package(s). 

If you have further questions about our courier service or your package requires more detailed specifications, do not hesitate to give us a call at  (212) 768-8445.