What are the different shipping methods

Did you know that two-thirds of America’s cargo is transported by truck? However, there are other kinds of shipping and freight methods besides trucking. While truck shipping is the most common, it’s not the most environmentally friendly. Shipping and courier services fit the bill in terms of sustainability. At A Express, we provide an array of shipping and delivery services, including trucking, van deliveries, and foot/bicycle courier. Here’s our guide to the different kinds of shipping methods and what you need to know about each.

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Cargo and Freight Shipping Services

Freight services typically utilizes air, road, rail and truck services. Once a company receives the package details, the item manager analyzes the parcel’s transport requirements. The item manager then liaises with NOM (the Network Operations Management) and Asset Management to ensure the parcels arrive to their destinations within the required time.

The company uses air, ocean, and land freight services to move cargo and freight intercontinentally. Customers can use their air freight services for very time-sensitive parcels. Air services are less sustainable than ocean shipping. Truck freight services are better for national transport, but they can be slow when transporting intrastate deliveries or deliveries in adjacent states.

Van Delivery

Van delivery service is best for a large number of small or medium-sized packages. This option offers more space than bike or messenger couriers, but can navigate the streets more quickly than trucks. This option is also more environmentally friendly than truck service, so if you don’t have huge quantities of packages, this is the way to go. This is also a great service for business events, since vans are low-profile and will attract less attention.

Bike Courier Delivery

Bike delivery services are a fast option for delivering small packages and envelopes. They can navigate city blocks easily, sometimes faster than vans if they are only traveling a couple of miles. This service is also more environmentally sustainable.

Messenger Couriers

Foot delivery services are great for small packages or even envelopes that do not need to travel a long distance. They are slightly slower than bike courier services, but foot messengers can hold onto your packages more securely and face fewer challenges due to weather or environmental factors.

Express Delivery

With our service, you can send time-sensitive mail within hours. There are overnight guarantees on time-sensitive mail and we can deliver seven days a week. We offer express delivery using our courier, van, and truck services.

Business shipping

We offer small and large business volume and bulk mailing shipping services. The courier will arrange scheduled pickups and offers customers print and track labels. With this service, business owners have an easier time of managing customer returns and other business shipping requirements.

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Media Mail 

We provide services for sending media like CDs and DVDs, books, manuscripts and more. Our bike and messenger courier is the best option for sending media. Our experienced couriers handle small packages with care, getting them to their location efficiently and safely.

Factors to consider when choosing a shipping company

Many small companies are coming into the scene offering lower rates and better terms. A few things to consider before settling on a long-term shipping partner:

Large vs. Small Companies

The main shipping methods in the United States are freight and courier services. USPS is the postal service in America, mailing 146.4 billion units annually. UPS is global the largest package delivery company while FEDEX is another comparably massive multinational American delivery company. While they’re the biggest in the industry, choosing these options gives you fewer choices and less control. Sometimes, it’s better to choose a more specialized company that can fulfill your specific needs.


Even the best carriers lose and damage goods under their care, but they have sufficient insurance cover to reimburse the client for their loss. Before entrusting goods to any company ensure they have an insurance cover that will take care of any losses incurred due to their fault. Insist on having a copy of the insurance whenever possible. At A-Express, we offer insurance upon request.

Valid licenses

The courier, freight and shipping business requires proper licensing from the maritime cargo authority. They also need to be bonded to prove that they’ll provide proper customer service to all their clients. This ensures there are bodies where customers can file complaints and steps are taken to regulate the industry.

Various types of delivery

The more variety a company has in terms of delivery methods, the better off you are as a client. It’s best to stick with a delivery company with flexibility so that you can avoid outsourcing work to different companies in the future. Sticking with one delivery service instead of using different businesses for large and small packages can save you money. Our expanded capabilities at A-Express mean you have all the resources at your disposal for any kind of delivery. 

Customer service

A company without a sound customer service system will not be able to handle a large volume of tracking and follow-ups that come with the job of shipping. Since anything can go wrong with movement, a team of customer care reps is crucial for customer confidence. 

Part of customer care is the value-adding services offered by the company. At A-Express, our focus on New York and tri-state deliveries means we have the bandwidth to focus on you. Because we’re local, we respond to your inquiries more quickly than national services.

Shipping companies worldwide look to the three giants above as pace setters and crucial players in setting industry standards. Whether transporting a contract or new furniture for an office, the art of moving packages from point A to point B has never been more efficient or accessible.

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